Boxwood Community Update | Harvey Hanna

Boxwood Community Update

April 17, 2019

Harvey, Hanna & Associates is announcing a series of actions to address the concerns voiced at a Tuesday community meeting regarding ongoing demolition work at the former General Motors plant property on Boxwood Road in Wilmington.

While regulatory bodies have found no violations regarding asbestos handling and removal at the property, and previous independent testing has revealed no related safety or health hazards at the site or the surrounding areas, we are taking the following steps to assure the community that the area is safe and all regulations are being adhered to.

Beginning this week, we will conduct daily tests on the fence line around the property to monitor air quality. In addition, we will hire an independent third-party environmental firm that will review work at the property to ensure all proper protocols are being followed.

The results of previous fence line testing at the property, conducted on April 6 and April 10, can be seen in the images posted here. We will make the results of the new tests beginning this week available to the public as soon as they are completed.

  1. Boxwood GM Plant Demolition and Removal of Asbestos Containing Materials Fact Sheet
  2. Fence Line Testing – April 6, 2019
  3. Fence Line Testing – April 10, 2019