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Boxwood Community Update 4/22/19

April 22, 2019


We are happy to announce a new website to help provide area residents and other interested parties with important information regarding the ongoing redevelopment of the former General Motors plant into a thriving, state-of-the-art business, fulfillment and logistics campus. is a project specific website that will keep the community informed regarding recent concerns raised about asbestos removal and handling. The website will be updated frequently with the results of daily air quality testing around the property’s fence line in addition to providing many other important documents related to the redevelopment. The website is mobile-friendly, user-friendly and provides users information on quick facts and data, economic impact, development milestones  and recent media articles. Website visitors can also contact us directly by e-mail or sign up for our e-mail newsletter updates.

Please feel free to  visit:

As a local company made up of Delaware natives and longtime residents, we hold the health and safety of our community with the highest regard and this website will provide our neighbors with first-hand access to the facts, putting to rest the false and irresponsible rumors that have been circulating about the work to transform this long-vacant property.

Thank you for your support.


Harvey, Hanna & Associates, Inc. and Boxwood Industrial Park, LLC

Questions or comments – please feel free to send us an email to or  at any time. We will always respond in a timely manner.

The Boxwood Project Update – February 2019 Edition

February 11, 2019

As demolition continues to move forward at the former General Motors plant on Boxwood Road, we have received dozens of messages from members of the community who support our plans to revitalize it as a modern distribution and business campus. Many of those messages came from former workers who spent countless hours working there, and were searching for a way to celebrate their many experiences at the plant. 

Today, we are happy to announce that we are offering all area residents their very own piece of the former plant, in the form of commemorative bricks that once made up its main assembly facility and administration building. 

By clicking the link below, you can register for your very own piece of the plant, which will be delivered in person at an event to be held in the spring or summer. Plain bricks are $5, and bricks that include a commemorative gold plate are being sold for $10. All proceeds from the sale will go to the non-profit Delaware KIDS Fund and its food pantry at Richey Elementary School in Newport. 

Please follow this link to register for your very own piece of the former GM plant:

The Boxwood Project Update – January 2019 Edition

January 9, 2019

Community Friends:

Per the enclosed Public Notice, DNREC will host a Technical Workshop on the proposed plan of remedial action (PPRA) for Operable Unit 5 (OU-5) at the former GM Plant on Wednesday, January 16 at 6:00 pm at the Five Points Fire Hall.  This is a DNREC-hosted technical workshop, and representatives of DNREC, RACER Trust, and HHA/Boxwood Industrial Park will be present to answer your questions.  HHA is planning a community update on all aspects of the redevelopment project later this spring.

The Boxwood Project Update – September 2018 Edition

September 20, 2018

Harvey Hanna & Associates continues to make progress on its mission to transform the former General Motor plant on Boxwood Road into a modern business and distribution campus that can serve as a new and lasting economic engine for Delaware. While that process moves forward, however, there has been no shortage of activity at the property.

Recently, heavy rains caused the Red Clay School District’s bus depot to flood, leaving no place to store and deploy its fleet. Thankfully, Harvey Hanna was able to offer them the Boxwood property in its place, and we welcomed more than 90 school buses throughout the coming weeks.

Harvey Hanna offers Boxwood parking lot to Red Clay due to flooding.

In late July, Wilmington’s Five Points Fire Company hosted a training for area fire companies at the property, where firefighters learned self-survival skills and forcible entry techniques. Using the empty former plant, they trained using high rise packs and employed different tools in mock firefighting scenarios that could not be performed without a large and spacious building at their disposal. In March, we welcomed police officers from the Delaware State Police and local agencies for several days as they conducted their regular police K-9 training sessions.

Five Points Fire Company’s training held at Boxwood.

As longtime members of the community, Harvey Hanna knows first-hand what the former plant has meant to so many of our residents over the last six decades. While the process of redeveloping and revitalizing such a large property is a lengthy one, we are taking every step we can to ensure the plant property remains a valuable asset for the community along the way.

The Boxwood Project Update – May 2018 Edition

May 21, 2018

Please Note: Site plan shown here is for illustrative purposes only and may not be relied up as final. The recently submitted exploratory plan will be displayed at the Community Briefing- which also shows a much more accurate parking rationale. This is for illustrative purposes only.The exploratory plan is posted directly under Active Plans on New Castle County’s Land Use Department Website, within “District 1”

As you may have recently learned, Harvey Hanna & Associates has filed exploratory plans for the dormant former General Motors plant site on Boxwood Road in Wilmington. The plans call for the demolition of the existing plant buildings, in order to make way for a modern distribution campus that we believe is more suited for today’s economy.

As a local firm, we know first-hand the long hours many residents spent working at the plant and the significance it holds in the community. So while it is with mixed emotions that we ultimately decided on demolishing the old structure, a new facility would allow us to better compete for the kind of logistics, distribution and other businesses built to thrive in the 21st century, and bring thousands of critical jobs back to New Castle County.The plan is currently being evaluated by the county and other government agencies, but the early feedback we have received from both officials and residents, including many former plant workers, has been very positive.

As we have stated throughout, we remain committed to keeping an open dialogue with the community as we explore the best possible use for this property. With that in mind, we would like to extend an invitation for all to join us on June 12th at 7pm for a public meeting at Five Points Memorial Hall (209 South Maryland Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19804) to discuss our plans, the plant’s future and what it means for the future of our community and greater Delaware. Attendees can expect to hear from Harvey Hanna, our engineering firm Apex Engineering, and a representative from the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

We hope to see all of you there!

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