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Register for the ‘How to Buy/Sell a Business’ Event Today!

Register for the ‘How to Buy/Sell a Business’ Event Today!

February 17, 2016

Americans are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit and drive. That explains the plethora of family-owned businesses across this great country of ours. Family businesses make up 64% of the US gross domestic product and generate 62% of our employment.

Many of these businesses are multi-generational and often the dynamics can be a bit tricky. Getting everyone on the same page can difficult, as everyone has their own feelings about where a family business should be heading. Often, the question of whether to sell the business arises and making the right choice can be tough.

If you find yourself contemplating whether to buy or sell a family business, register today to hear about Thomas Harvey and Alan Levin’s experience with selling their family business. Listen to how the sales came about and their advice on how to make such a difficult decision. They’ll discuss things they wished they had done differently and things that you should consider before selling or buying a family-owned business.

Prior to establishing Harvey, Hanna & Associates in 1998, Mr. Harvey built, owned and managed multiple waste management companies over 25 years. Included in some of those companies were Harvey & Harvey, Inc., Home Waste, Inc., Harvey Mack/Volvo Sales & Service, and Confi-Shred, Inc. Mr. Levin’s family business, Happy Harry drugstores was bought by Walgreen’s in 2006. The chain had grown to 76 stores.

This event, ‘Experiences of Selling a Business: Insights from Alan Levin and Thom Harvey, will take place at the World Café Live at the Queen in Wilmington on Thursday, March 3rd from 7:30 to 10:30 am.  Register for this event online , call 302-831-0779 or Email: Send today!

Register for the ‘How to Buy/Sell a Business’ Event Today!