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The Boxwood Project Update – May 2018 Edition

May 21, 2018

Please Note: Site plan shown here is for illustrative purposes only and may not be relied up as final. The recently submitted exploratory plan will be displayed at the Community Briefing- which also shows a much more accurate parking rationale. This is for illustrative purposes only.The exploratory plan is posted directly under Active Plans on New Castle County’s Land Use Department Website, within “District 1”

As you may have recently learned, Harvey Hanna & Associates has filed exploratory plans for the dormant former General Motors plant site on Boxwood Road in Wilmington. The plans call for the demolition of the existing plant buildings, in order to make way for a modern distribution campus that we believe is more suited for today’s economy.

As a local firm, we know first-hand the long hours many residents spent working at the plant and the significance it holds in the community. So while it is with mixed emotions that we ultimately decided on demolishing the old structure, a new facility would allow us to better compete for the kind of logistics, distribution and other businesses built to thrive in the 21st century, and bring thousands of critical jobs back to New Castle County.The plan is currently being evaluated by the county and other government agencies, but the early feedback we have received from both officials and residents, including many former plant workers, has been very positive.

As we have stated throughout, we remain committed to keeping an open dialogue with the community as we explore the best possible use for this property. With that in mind, we would like to extend an invitation for all to join us on June 12th at 7pm for a public meeting at Five Points Memorial Hall (209 South Maryland Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19804) to discuss our plans, the plant’s future and what it means for the future of our community and greater Delaware. Attendees can expect to hear from Harvey Hanna, our engineering firm Apex Engineering, and a representative from the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

We hope to see all of you there!

In the News:
Delaware Online Article 4-16-2018
Harvey Hanna_Exploratory Plan Release_FINAL

DE KIDS 5K Race 2016

Delaware KIDS Fund 5K Runs a Great Success!

September 1, 2016

DE KIDS 5K Race 2016

Delaware KIDS Fund 5K had 234 runners and walkers of all ages participate in the Newport race that took place Saturday, August 6th. The race organizers added a second event for beach-goers this year: the inaugural Que Pasa 5K for the Delaware KIDS Fund in Dewey Beach took place the following Saturday, August 13th with 244 runners and walkers participating.  The two races raised $35,000.

For race results, Click Here –

This is the seventh year for the highly anticipated Delaware KIDS Fund 5K that takes place in Newport each summer and the first year for the KIDS Fund Que Pasa 5K Race. The race was presented by Harvey, Hanna & Associates, Hyatt Place Dewey Beach, My Sherpa, AWE Oil, M&T Bank and Rehoboth Beach Running Co. The events were supported by 54 corporate sponsors , as well as 478 runners and walkers of all ages and abilities.

DE KIDS 5K HHADelaware KIDS Fund is an acronym for ‘Kids in Distressed Situations’ and helps at-risk children in Delaware who may face violence, abuse, family financial troubles, or other distressing situations. It is a non-profit organization founded by Thomas J. Hanna, VP of Harvey Hanna & Associates, a commercial real estate company. Proceeds from the event go directly to various youth emergency food relief programs throughout Delaware.

DE KIDS 5K Newport Race 2016Both races had many post-race activities. The Newport race had face painting for children, a moon bounce, on-site massages, race photo booth and music. There was a large variety of food and beverages including beers from the local Twin Lakes Brewery.  The Blue Rock’s mascot, Rocky Blue Winkle and University of Delaware mascot, YoUDee cheered runners as they raced towards the finish line.

DE KIDS 5K Que Pasa Race 2016The Que Pasa 5K post-race festivities took place at Que Pasa Mexican Restaurant and with a large variety of amenities for the kids and music. Again, there was plenty of food and beverages, including a Que Pasa Taco Bar and post-event beach party on The Rehoboth Bay.

“We are immensely grateful to our many sponsors without whom this would not be possible,” said Ryan Kennedy with Harvey, Hanna & Associates. “And we were so excited to bring this race to Dewey Beach where we had another fantastic turnout.”

Visit the Delaware KIDS Fund Facebook page to see all the pictures from the races!

5 Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware

5 Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware

October 14, 2014

5 Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware
5 Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware

The State of Delaware is known as the “Corporate Capital of the World,” due to its incorporation of more than sixty percent of the Fortune 500 companies. There are many reasons Delaware is the perfect state to do business, such as its reputation as a ‘pro-business’ state, proximity to viable markets and accessibility to a highly educated work force.

The state has taken a wide variety of measures to help established small businesses and entrepreneurs take their business from the idea phase to start-up to expansion, making Delaware an excellent choice to start a business.

The Delaware Economic Development Office (DEDO) aids entrepreneurs building a business through various state programs designed to help these start-up businesses develop successfully. DEDO has enabled the success of many small businesses through easy access to incentives, grants and the SSBCI program where businesses receive low interest loans.

Governor Markell has made it part of his agenda “to back small business at every phase of development, with great emphasis on development” –Levin, Alan. “Delaware’s entrepreneurs help drive economy.” delawareonline., 04 Oct. 2014.

5 Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware

Here are Five Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware:

  1. Delaware # 1 in Economic Output Per Job – According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 Enterprising States study, Delaware ranked first in the Economic Output Per Job study and fifth in the New Startup Rate study.
  2. Delaware # 1 in Business FriendlinessCNBC’s 2014 America’s Top States for Business ranked Delaware as the most business friendly state.
  3. Delaware #2 in Business Incubation –The Beacon Hill Institute’s 13th annual State Competitiveness Report ranked Delaware second for business incubation in 2013, thanks to programs such as the Emerging Enterprise Center (EEC) of New Castle County Chamber of Commerce (NCCCC) which creates a nurturing environment to help early stage businesses grow, develop and succeed.
  4. The Kauffman FastTrac program ~ A combined effort between DEDO and Delaware Technical Community College, the Kauffman FastTrac program has trained over 300,00 entrepreneurs nationwide by helping them to develop business plans and guides small-business owners who want to take their enterprise to the next level.
  5. State Small Business Credit Initiative (SSBCI) The program is designed to enhance access to capital and lower interest rates provided to small business. The plan dedicates $12.1 million to create a new participation program between DEDO, lending institutions and their small business clients and dedicates $1 million to the Delaware Capital Access Program. .

Meanwhile, there a numerous other reasons to do business in Delaware, such as the DEMEP (Delaware Manufacturing Extension Partnership) that helps ‘forward thinking manufacturers’ to remain competitive, the DWIB (Delaware Workforce Investment Board) that offers ‘Employee Training Grants’ or the Brownfield Assistance Program which provides matching grants to owners and developers in order to encourage the redevelopment within the state.

Are you a Delaware Business that has benefited from one of these various programs? Please share with us your story so Delaware can continue to lift up businesses throughout the state and encourage growth and the entrepreneurial spirit!

5 Top Reasons to do Business in Delaware

Promises Made, Promises Kept at Lighthouse Cove Resort in Dewey Beach

September 9, 2014

Promises Made, Promises Kept at Lighthouse Cove Resort in Dewey Beach

Lighthouse Cove Resort in Dewey Beach
Lighthouse Cove Resort in Dewey Beach

Dewey Beach Enterprises (DBE) announced yesterday that the company is ready to move onto the next phase of construction of the Lighthouse Cove Resort located at Dickinson Street on the Bay of Dewey Beach, Delaware.

The press release cited the overwhelming success of the newly built Hyatt Place Hotel in tandem with the sales of 14 of the 16 Oceanside condominiums as a sign that the second stage of the project should begin this fall and that more details would be released later this month.

The Lighthouse Cove resort encompasses the Hyatt Place Hotel; penthouse and bayside residential condominiums; retail stores and restaurants; a future conference center; and an array of public amenities.

“The pricing threshold achieved to date at the Residences at Lighthouse Cove is unprecedented in Dewey Beach, in part, due to the First Class amenities that are available on site,” stated Clint Mann, Vice President of McWilliams Ballard Inc., the company managing the sales and marketing of the Residences at Lighthouse Cove.

The average purchase price for the luxury penthouse condominiums at Lighthouse Cove is $695,314, nearly 2x (twice) the market per square foot value, thereby setting a new price standard in the Dewey Beach market. The Residences at Lighthouse Cove sales attributed to 40% of all condominium sales in the local market for the 2014 season to date.

The tax revenue created from the sale of the condos and subsequent revenue streams have financially benefited the Town of Dewey Beach, along with state, county and local municipalities.

Additionally, the Lighthouse Cove resort has generated 83 full-time and seasonal jobs at the Hyatt Place Hotel; nourished more than 100 full-time and seasonal jobs at the onsite Que Pasa and Lighthouse Restaurants; and created hundreds of construction jobs of all disciplines.

“We are thrilled with our progress to date, and our expansion plans are the direct result of our success and the commitments we have honored,” stated E. Thomas Harvey, DBE president.” DBE will build upon this positive economic performance as it commences the next phase of development later this autumn,” Harvey added.

DBE promised that the creation of the Hyatt brand hotel, combined with the sale of Oceanside penthouse units, would generate a positive economic contribution to the community, because its innovative product featured an array of 21st Century lifestyle amenities. The resort redevelopment project has created hundreds of construction, seasonal, and permanent jobs; and is helping Dewey Beach transition to a family-friendly 21st Century year-round resort.

Details on the next phase of construction are expected later in September

Do you feel that your Delaware Business is a Superstar?

July 21, 2014

If you think your business should be recognized as a rising star, why not apply for the 2014 Superstars in Business Award. This award has been given annually since 1998 in honor of and named after, Marvin S. Gilman, a small business leader in Delaware. He was president of the much respected Gilman Development Company and was inducted into the ‘National Housing Hall of Fame’.

‘The Superstars in Business award honors businesses and non-profit organizations for their outstanding achievements and model approaches to business and management.’ – DSCC

To be eligible your business must be a member of Delaware State Chamber of Commerce, have 150 employees or fewer, and been in business for at least three consecutive years. Applications are due by 12 pm on August 21, 2014.

Winners will be honored at a luncheon on November 12, 2014 in the Gold Ballroom of the Hotel DuPont.

Click Here for more Details on How to Apply and to see past recipients.

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Good News Delaware … You’re #2!!

June 24, 2014

Good News Delaware … You’re #2!!

 Delaware came in second for the 2014 ‘State New Economy Index.

Not too shabby Delaware!

According to the report, Delaware is the most Globalized of states due to the state’s business-friendly corporate law. This serves to entice both foreign and domestic companies and creates a higher-wage traded service sector.

Thanks to the high-wage traded services, along with direct foreign investment and industry investment in R&D, Delaware moved up 4 rankings since 2010.

Massachusetts has been ranked #1 since the conception of the State New Economy index. This is largely due to the state’s concentration of biotech, hardware and software firms supported by widely renowned universities, such as Harvard and MIT.

California ranked #3, largely due to its domination of venture capital (55% of all U.S. Venture Investments), Silicon Valley and high-tech clusters in the southern part of the state.

The State New Economy Index is a report that focuses on measuring the economic structure of states, unlike other reports that assess state economic performance or state economic policy. (According to ‘The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation’, a Washington, D.C. non-profit, nonpartisan think tank at group whose mission is to help policymakers better understand the nature of the new innovation economy and the publisher of the report)

This report focuses on the simple question, “To what degree does the structure of state economies match the ideal structure of the New Economy (a more global one)?”

The report uses five categories; Knowledge Jobs, Globalization, Economic Dynamism, The Digital Economy, and Innovation Capacity.

To find out more, download the report or go to ITIF website.

Are you in an industry that you feel has helped Delaware rise to second place? If so, what are your thoughts about how Delaware continue to compete in the New Economy?