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12 Snow and Ice Removal Tips for Commercial Property Owners

8 Tips to Safely Maintain Your Business Workplace This Winter

February 6, 2018

When freezing temperatures occur and the white stuff starts falling, commercial property owners face many challenges. Keeping a commercial property safe is a job many commercial property managers  dread this time of year.

Experienced property managers understand the need to implement risk-management in order to avoid costly law suits and to protect their tenants. It is wise to assess property needs and repairs well before winter arrives.

Snow and ice present some serious hazards that can be mitigated when properly handled. Not only will it protect your tenants and visitors, but it will protect your property. Preventing caustic substances from entering your building will protect flooring and lessen the chances of slips and falls.

Harvey Hanna and Associates, a Delaware Commercial Development Company, creates plans for all of its commercial properties in order to provide safety and comfort to its building’s tenants and visitor. Check out our winter safety tips below.

8 Winter Safety Tips:


1. Monitor Your Space Heaters– Portable space heaters are a safety hazard. Be sure to educate employees about safe space heater practices, such as keeping space heaters out of high traffic areas and to avoid sharing the outlet withy other electrical devices. Always turn off and unplug every space heater at the end of the work day.

2. Install Door Mats at All Entrances– This will help to keep the dirt, snow and mud outside. Quality door mats will reduce the possibility of slips. Protect your employees and customers. It’s not only the right thing to do, it’s the law!

3. Salt & Treat Entryway and Parking Lots– Ice melting mix solutions, such as salt, plays a major role in reducing slip-and-fall accidents. Even a light dusting of snow can lead to slippery conditions. Be sure to stock up early, as supplies can be hard to locate right before forecasted winter storms.

4. Protect Electronics and Data – Power outages can be critical if you fail to back-up company and client data daily, either onsite or through a hosted, off-site cloud service.  Always check to make sure your back-up system is working properly before a storm hits.

5. Avoid Electrical Shutdowns – If an outage occurs during business hours, turn off all computers and other equipment as a precaution against the sudden increase in voltage when power is restored.  Use surge protectors to absorb excess electrical energy and prevent it from reaching connected equipment once the power is restored.

6. Maintain HVAC Equipment– Proper maintenance of all HVAC units will lead to the best possible outcome for your building, not only in the winter, but throughout the year adding comfort, improved air quality, extended equipment life and cutting energy costs.

7. Winterize your Roof– The most common cause of winter damage to a roof is the continuous freeze/thaw cycle which can exacerbate any defects in the roof. While certain conditions are unavoidable, making sure you fix any current leaks, faulty flashing, loose shingles or metal sheets can make your roof better prepared to handle the freeze/thaw/freeze cycle.

8. Drains & Downspouts – Be sure to repair and clean out any drains or downspouts and ensure that they are not draining improperly into walkways, patios or parking lots.

About Harvey, Hanna & Associates- Established in 1997, HHA is a full service Commercial Real Estate Redevelopment Company featuring prime located commercial, retail, and industrial real estate in Delaware. After decades of sustained relationships with tenants of our commercial and industrial properties, Harvey Hanna & Associates has grown to be more than a landlord. Now a full-service Commercial Real Estate Development Company, offering 5.2 million square feet of prime-location real estate to the mid-Atlantic region, our occupancy rate exceeds 95% with an employee retention of 100%.

Commercial Properties for Lease Delaware

HHA is Proud to Welcome New Tenants Early on in 2015!

March 31, 2015

HHA is Proud to Welcome New Tenants Early on in 2015!photo (29)

What do a fitness center, real estate office and tech firm have in common?

They are the three new tenants of Harvey Hanna & Associates (HHA). Recently HHA has welcomed Be Barre Fit™, Long & Foster Real Estate and Carber, a ‘World Leader in Hydrostatic Testing and Isolation Technologies’.

Be Barre Fit™ is leasing suite space at HHA’s Hockessin Crossing Shopping Center located at 7465 Lancaster Pike. For those not familiar with barre, it is a 1-hour workout based on ballet, yoga & Pilates’ and has become very popular within the fitness industry.  Movements are low impact and easy on the joints. It can be tailored for a wide range of body types and ages. Benefits of barre include burning fat, building longer, leaner muscles and a strong core, developing muscle balance & increasing flexibility. Owner, Trish Mackay, is an Australian native and has done a fantastic job of making a name for herself and the company early on.

Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. is similarly leasing office space at HHA’s Hockessin Crossing Shopping Center. The residential real estate company leased the space as part of their plan to expand its Delaware Valley services. Erik Hoferer, formerly from the firm’s Pike Creek office, will head the new location and R.T. Christopher will be managing the new location. Specializing in residential real estate, Hoferer and his team markets the entire line of Ryan Homes, Delaware largest builder.

Carber is leasing 5,250 SF of Industrial Space at 403 E. Marsh Lane located at Newport Industrial Park. Recognized as a world leader in hydrostatic testing and isolation technologies, Carber is a privately owned global specialty industrial service company based in Houston, TX. They now have locations in 13 states across the United State and 3 in Canada. This location marks their first time in Delaware.

Carber joins a strong roster of tenants within the Newport Industrial Park, including: Tile Market of Delaware, Compassionate Care Hospice, Speedpro Imaging, Autopart International, TotalTrax Inc., MSC Industrial Direct, Trial Transport Logistics, Café 24, Newport Rowing Club, ARI Environmental, Service Master, Waste Management, Phoenix Restoration, SOS Call Center, Dynasap, Make Shop & Co., Tenmant, Shipping 25 LLC and Tech World Corp. Denise Pomarici is the local branch manager and Administrator for the Northeastern Region.

Harvey Hanna & Associates, Inc  is a full-service Commercial Real Estate Development Company located in Delaware. The company has sustained strong relationships with tenants of their commercial and industrial properties and offers a unique mix of business experience and sense of community. The commercial property company delivers personalized real estate solutions that can suit both short and long-term business needs.

HHA Welcomes Art Guild to Twin Spans Business Park

November 18, 2014

Harvey, Hanna & Associates, Inc. (HHA) is pleased to welcome Art Guild to the Twin Spans Business Park in New Castle.

Art Guild is currently leasing 23,856 square feet of warehouse, office and showroom industrial space at 200 Anchor Mill Road in the Twin Spans Business Park (TSBP) in New Castle, Delaware.

TSBP is considered by many to be the premier distribution campus in the mid-Atlantic region, featuring 1.85 million square feet of Class A commercial warehouse space spread across 135 acres of land along the Delaware River. Twin Spans further offers superior logistics throughout the mid-Atlantic region and points beyond, with immediate access to I-95, I-295, I-495 and the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Art Guild specializes in the creation and management of award-winning 3-D marketing, educational and event programs. As an industry leader, Art Guild creates, manages, fabricates and installs trade show exhibits, museum exhibits, lobbies, showrooms, visitor centers and retail displays. Established in the early 1920’s out of Philadelphia as a sign fabricator, Art Guild has gradually expanded their scope of services featuring three locations throughout the U.S. (West Deptford, NJ, Las Vegas, NV and New Castle, DE). Art Guild serves many fortune 500 companies and some of the nation’s most prestigious institutions. Their current client base ranges from Master Card, Campbell Soup Company, DuPont and PayPal , among many customers of large prestige. To learn more about Art Guild, visit the Art Guild online.

“We are excited to welcome Art Guild to New Castle, as they bring a cutting edge business philosophy and model to the industry along with value-adding products, jobs and services to the local economy”, stated E. Thomas Harvey, president, HHA.

Harvey, Hanna & Associates (HHA) is a full service Commercial Real Estate Redevelopment Company featuring 3,000,000 square feet of prime location commercial, retail, and industrial real estate in Delaware.

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