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Delaware KIDS Fund 5K Race

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Sponsor Delaware KIDS Fund 5K Race

May 24, 2016

DE KIDS 5K race

Are you looking to get your business more involved in the community? There is an excellent opportunity to support the DE KIDS Fund 5K Run/Walks coming up in August. Any time a company supports a local charity or event, it sends a message that your business is vested in the community.

Something as simple as sponsoring a little league team or spearheading a special cause gets your business front and central in the community where you live and work. Those kids on the team wearing shirts with your logo are a living, breathing advertisement for your business. The beauty is that often the cost is way less than what you would spend on a traditional ad campaign and it lasts throughout a whole season of T-ball!

Delware KIDS Fund 5kThe 7th Annual Delaware KIDS Fund 5K Series is actively looking for sponsors for the 2016 races. This year there will be 2 chances to sponsor as the Newport 5K DEKIDS Race will take place Saturday, August 6th and new this year, the Dewey 5K DEKIDS Race will take place the following weekend, Saturday, August 13th.  That gives you 2X the opportunity to make a positive impression on the community.

Delaware KIDS Fund is an acronym for ‘Kids in Distressed Situations’ helps at-risk children in Delaware who may face violence, abuse, family financial troubles, or other distressing situations. It is a non-profit organization founded by Thomas J. Hanna, VP of Harvey Hanna & Associates, a commercial real estate company.

Here are the ‘Top 5 Reasons Your Business Should Sponsor the Delaware KIDS Fund 5K:

1.       It will help high risk children throughout all of Delaware. Did you know that 1 in 5 children in Delaware face hunger? That is unacceptable and we all should want to do something about it.

2.       You get your company logo on t-shirts – which will not only be worn by the hundreds of participants the day of the race, but throughout the life of the t-shirt.

3.       Sponsorship at the next level, will get your company logo on the t-shirt and a microfiber towel.

4.       One level higher gives you an advertisement on billboards, along with the t-shirts and towels.

5.       As a ‘Presenting Sponsor’, you get everything – t-shirts, towels, billboards and Top Billing!

As a bonus this year, since there are 2 DE KIDS Fund 5K races, you have the option of sponsoring both races, giving you 2 times more chance to shine in the community. Who can’t see the value in that?

If you’re convinced that sponsoring the DE KIDS Fund 5K is a good, sound business decision, give a call to 302-323-9300 ext. 17, email or download and fill out this 2016 Sponsorship Form now!