The Boxwood Project Update | Harvey Hanna

The Boxwood Project Update – September 2018 Edition

September 20, 2018

Harvey Hanna & Associates continues to make progress on its mission to transform the former General Motor plant on Boxwood Road into a modern business and distribution campus that can serve as a new and lasting economic engine for Delaware. While that process moves forward, however, there has been no shortage of activity at the property.

Recently, heavy rains caused the Red Clay School District’s bus depot to flood, leaving no place to store and deploy its fleet. Thankfully, Harvey Hanna was able to offer them the Boxwood property in its place, and we welcomed more than 90 school buses throughout the coming weeks.

Harvey Hanna offers Boxwood parking lot to Red Clay due to flooding.

In late July, Wilmington’s Five Points Fire Company hosted a training for area fire companies at the property, where firefighters learned self-survival skills and forcible entry techniques. Using the empty former plant, they trained using high rise packs and employed different tools in mock firefighting scenarios that could not be performed without a large and spacious building at their disposal. In March, we welcomed police officers from the Delaware State Police and local agencies for several days as they conducted their regular police K-9 training sessions.

Five Points Fire Company’s training held at Boxwood.

As longtime members of the community, Harvey Hanna knows first-hand what the former plant has meant to so many of our residents over the last six decades. While the process of redeveloping and revitalizing such a large property is a lengthy one, we are taking every step we can to ensure the plant property remains a valuable asset for the community along the way.