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Commercial Property Winter Safety Tips

Winter Safety Tips for Your Delaware Commercial Property

December 20, 2016

Winter Safety Tips for Your Delaware Commercial Property

Our Property Management Team at HHA is preparing for a busy winter season. We are committed to quality through superior property management services. Consistent and reliable maintenance repairs, improvements and upgrades will ensure the safest workplace environment for your organization during the challenging winter months. Our field team would like to offer the following work place winter safety tips.

Salt and Sand

Having enough salt and sand on hand will always help keep walkways clear of ice and snow. It’s always a good idea to have a bucket stocked near entry ways all season long.

Floor Mats and Warning Signage

Make sure heavy traffic entrances have weather proof mats properly installed and labeled to remind employees and guests to watch their steps to avoid slips and falls. This practice also helps keep all outside elements and debris from coming into your office space – keeping it clean, professional and safe.

HVAC Settings

Unless you experience extremely cold conditions, try to keep your thermostat set to the same temperature. This helps prevent the heating and cooling system from unnecessary use and conserves energy. As a general rule of thumb, never have your thermostat programmed lower than 55 degrees. Doing so will eliminate the potential for frozen pipes or other heating accessories within your HVAC system.

Downspouts & Drainage

Report any issues with downspouts or drainage areas immediately. Keeping these mechanisms clear and operational will eliminate or alleviate roof leaks and excess snow or ice from piling up on the roof of the building. 

Guard Your Technology and Data

Winter weather always has the potential to cause power outages due to ice and wind. It is critical to back-up all company and client data daily, either onsite or through cloud based software. Always make sure your data-back up system is working properly. If you don’t have an existing IT provider – feel free to contact us and we will gladly share a few of our preferred vendors. 

Bathrooms Stocked

With winter storm season comes cold season – keep soap and ample towels available in employee bathrooms for cleaning hands so you can minimize the spread of germs throughout the office.

Along those same lines – make sure your office is stocked with tissues and hand sanitizer. Seasonal germs and diseases often spread through the office by coughing and sneezing. It is never fun being “under the weather” and preventative measures will decrease illness-related absences.

By taking these steps to ensure your commercial property is ready for the approaching winter, you are protecting visitors and employees from avoidable physical and health hazards. Your effort to ensure that your buildings and grounds are ready for whatever Mother Nature has to through at you is smart risk management.

Harvey Hanna of Delaware is pleased that you have taken the time to read our Winter Safety Tips and look forward to hearing what you think or tips that you can share with us. Please check in with us on Facebook, we would love to discuss this subject further.

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